Legends of Kynn

Game 29: The Hunt for Kilth

Game 29 represents the last chapter of Book 2, as game 30 is the intro into Book 3 of Legends of Kynn

After the chaos with J’zallshrakk in the Abyss, the PC returned with the 13 slaves in his domain. No attuned to interplanar travel, their bodies began to have severe negative reactions to the plane-shifting. Luck managed to stabilize 4 of the them, but they were brought to the medical room for intensive care as they began to experience brain hemorrhages.

After that, Olsen informed Luck, Jax and Morith that they had a visiter. They all met in Olsen’s office, to find that Legate Sven was there. A top-ranking Legate, who is a part of Grawz’s inner-circle, Sven had a request for the PC. After learning that they had destroyed a goblin war ship, as well as their previous encounters with goblins in Kynn, Sven decided they’d make good candidates for a special request.

Kilth is a hard person to get a hold of, and all representatives sent have been uninvited and never returned. Sven requested that the PC go to Kilth and find a solution, whether it be through the tongue or the sword.

After very carefully sneaking through the goblin territory, the PC stumbled upon a cave that very well could be Kilth’s Layer…one one of them. A very not-carefully laid out plan managed to get them in the cave entrance with out being noticed, despite causing hella commotion.

Once in the cave, they took the lift down about 5 miles, there they found a lot of ash as the tunnel opened up into a small rock bridge over lava, 1000ft long. Once past that, the PC found a few Westoros suits of armor surrounded by ash that came from a magical source.

Finally the PC found their way in past a huge metal door, similar to that of a bank vault. Once inside they found a circular room , witha 30 foot high ceiling and 12 huge pockets of space in the walls, 20 feet up that were spaced like a clock. As Morith walked in, lights and markings began to flicker from a magical source. A low voice echoed from all around, “The grotesque mortals enter”



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