Legends of Kynn

Game 28: The 10th layer of the Abyss

After returning with the power crystals, the PC were able, with Master Drik’s help, to get the inter-planar portal to work again. But first, the PC had to face their trial of strength and fortitude that would prep their bodies properly for inter-planar travel. The PC easily dispatched of the two Stone Giants that awaited them. They also recovered the First Page of Kyros’s Journal.

With the First Page of Kyros’s Journal and with the ability to safely travel in between planes, Master Olsen informed the PC that a shard is being kept in the Abyss.

Once in the Abyss, the PC saw the uncertainty and the oddity that is the abyss with it’s pitch black sky, laced with purple and blue streaks, black sand and black, boiling rivers, not to mention the monstrosities that inhabit this area. The PC found a metal box with a drawbridge. Once they got across they met J’Zallshraak, a demonic minotaur with malnourished slaves that sort out copper pieces all day.

J’Zallshraak agreed to trade the shard for 3 slaves. When the PC returned with three slaves, J’Zallshraak demanded more. This initiated combat. After the PC wound up victorious, they freed the slave as the 10th layer of the Abyss began to decay.

The PC made it out and rescued 13 slaves who are all now unconscious in Helm’s Temple as blood begins to leak from their eyes and ears



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