Legends of Kynn

Game 27: Ramifications

After some 30 days off from their quest the Party took some time to deal with personal matters and tasks.

Morith trained with Belmor and received some magical items.
Belmor since then departed for Crosslands
Jax made himself a familiar and located 3 teleportation circles
Luck learned spirit guardians as a spell

In that 30 days since the sinking of the goblin warship, the relationship which has been traditionally held on a delicate balance has began to teeter. Emotions have grown fierce as the two sides prepare for war which seems more imminent every new dawn. The Legion has grown furious since learning that someone sparked this conflict.

Back at Helm’s Temple, the PC heard a large boom from upstairs to find that the portal has shorted out as Drik sits on the ground with ash all over himself, clearly rocked from the explosion. He asked the PC to retrieve some power crystals to repower the portal.

In Mal-Kemen, the PC ran into Judge Miles, in his fashionable lavender suit as he helped the PC out a little bit in helping them find the Cloaks, a underground group that has access to power crystals. The PC made it to their base of operation and found their Leader, Kase and Brnk, their old friend.

The PC traded their work for power crystals upon return for their job. Their task was to clear out an old mine so the Cloaks can scour it for any unmined crystals with their driller. We ended with the PC exiting the mine after defeating 4 umberhulks in the deep part of the mine.



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