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Pre-Era I

Before the first era began, Kynn was nothing more than groups and small towns struggling to get by. There were no defined cities, no roads and absolutely no government. People lived where they knew and survived day to day. There was no greater sense of a nation or a network to connect one group of people to another.

Era I: 564 years

The first Era began when Trimat Longshield, a young man at the time set out to start trade with other groups and maybe connect the two. As it turned out, Trimat was quite charismatic. This lead to people being drawn to him and made them very accepting of his ideas to connect the different towns. As time progressed and more and more people became connected via trade routes, tensions and conflicting personalities grew. This is where Trimat stepped in to help calm down the crowds and unify the different towns. This eventually resulted in people looking to him as their leader. What is now know as the first day of the First Era, Trimat was pronounced King. Trimat decided to name his land Kynn, as a homage to his people, as he looked to everyone as his brothers and sisters. He also helped to construct the oldest city in Kynn, Cliffshell. The first Era would go on to last 564 years, with many kings replacing Trimat.

Era II: 439 years

After 564 years of peace and stability, Kynn was prosperous. Twelve cities were recognized at this time to be major hubs for people to live and trade. The second era officially began when a massive wave of orcs came from the north and began to pillage every city and town they could find. After 6 years of fighting, the Kynnsman finally pushed the orcs back to their homeland up north.

That however, did not satisfy the Royal Court. Kynn not only pushed the Orcs out of their own borders but followed the weakened Orcish side up north into their homeland where they spent 14 years slaughtering orc after orc, or so they thought.

Peace returned to Kynn after that short burst of action. Through this time, Kynn continued to develop necessities for life, better agriculture, better walls, and better weapons & armor.

Era III: 37 years-

The third era began with King Eric III at the royal throne. King Eric III is regarded as the most liked and respected king since his ancestor, Trimat Longshield. Eric III was a generous king, a suburb father, and a skilled warrior.

The Third Era officially began at the start of the Great Goblin War, when thousands of goblins poured in from the west, killing and stealing everything they could. This went of only for a few weeks before King Eric III had enough and ordered his whole army to make a stand at Crosslands to prevent the goblins from pouring over across the Grand River.

Eric was no coward. He, despite what all his advisers told him, wanted to fight to protect his home, so he joined his army at Crosslands. That battle is depicted as one of the bloodiest in Kynn’s history. When the goblin army grew weak and began to fall back, the Kynn army was flanked from the south in a surprise maneuver. The soldiers that hung back from the main force retreated, against their orders, leaving King Eric III and a few loyal soldiers to fend for their lives against an onslaught of goblins.

Kynn won the war, but on that day, they lost their King. With no Queen to hold the throne, Kynn was subject to elevate prince Eric IV to become their youngest king ever at the age of 12.

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