Jax is 5’11 with a pallor complexion and a medium to thin build. Jax’ hair is black as ink, straight, and shoulder-length hangs over his eyes. His eyes are a shale grey and take up most of his face. The remaining space is filled by a sharp-toothed grin most of the time. These characteristics give most the idea that Jax is a child; though this is not true in the strictest sense, Jax’ lack of exposure to the outside world makes his understanding of the world and standard conduct juvenile at best.

Jax wears few pieces of distinguishable clothing. He wears a cloak that is a washed out light hue that could have once been yellow, white, or a heavily faded grey (If asked he will change the color depending on his mood). The cloak looks similar to that worn by a friar, with a belt of rope hanging loosely around his waist and of the same color as his cloak. The garment is slightly too big for Jax and thus is usually rolled, tucked, or trained behind him. When taken off, Jax wears a plane shirt, workman’s’ pants, and a pair of shoes that can only be described as entirely unnecessary .

Jax has only one mark or mar on his body: a scar a hand-span long in a crescent shape along base of his skull hid under his hair. He refuses to comment on it.


Jax is a Half-Elf from the woods surrounding Cliffshell. Kept within the area of influence surrounding the city, if at arms-length, Jax’ early childhood was delightfully metropolitan. The son of an elf priest and a human healer, Jax’ only childhood memories are of the woodland home his father had built, and of the Cliffshell church.

Sometime between his 3rd and 4th year, Jax was abducted by Ralaster, a god of madness, darkness, and murder. Ralaster placed Jax in a cave in the mountains north of Fayport. When asked how long he was stuck in the cave, Jax’ answers vary. He sometimes claims he was there for 10 years, sometimes for 30. In reality Jax has no more an idea than those who ask him.

“_I do not know how long I was in the cave. In absolute darkness I spent my life. The Deity raised me and groomed me…it kept me alive for its unknown purpose. There was no speech in the absolute silence of the dark. I learned language through thought, common and elvish by scouring the deity’s mind for knowledge. I learned magic through boredom, not necessity. I wished to see the sights, hear the sounds, and smell the smells that were perceived only in the memories of my infancy. That is how it happened. A memory used for conception, a fire, bright and strong as a volcanic eruption. My hands glowed, and sparks flew. My desire for magic began there: the dark cave, half mad and starved for anything more than silence. "

Jax was released by Ralaster after pleading with the deity. Ralaster agreed to release Jax but under one condition: Jax was to kill his father. Jax found his father at his childhood home. His mother and a young woman who must have been his sister had left for the market to buy ingredients for breakfast. His father was starting a fire in the hearth.

“I waited until my mother and sister had left for the market for the day’s food and water. I slid beside the house, and set rage to the fireplace. The small spark that my father had been nursing exploded into a conflagration of heat and light more intense than a forge fire. He was dead in moments. "

Once the body of Jax’ father was little more than ash and charcoal, Ralaster undid the suggestion he had had over Jax. Almost at once Jax understood the full weight of what he had been made to do. Overcome with anguish and a black hate, he swore then that he would spend the rest of his life in an effort to seek revenge on the dark god; and to rebuild the lives of small peace he must have taken from his mother and sister.

“After the death of father, Iffrit and Freya returned to find his corpse and a burnt home. I tried to follow them, but weak and disoriented, lost track as they traveled west. Unsure of what to do I left them to their lives. I could only do them more harm.”


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