Belmor of the Wood Fangs


Belmor is 5’3, with dark brown/black hair that has one braid running through it with the rest of the hair being pushed back. He is also packing a semi long beard. Not short enough that it clings to his face but also no long enough that it reaches his chest. His hair stands in stark contrast to his sharp emerald eyes. There are two most noticeable traits about him.

First is his silver wolf pelt draped over his head and shoulders with the head of the wolf resting on top of his own. The second is a symbol over his left, eye that looks like the maw of a tiger. It is just a tad darker than his slightly tanned skin.

His chest is covered by four leather straps that connect to a big iron ring in the center. He wears dark, baggy pants of whatever color with a rope as a makeshift belt. For shoes he has some leather boots with fur stuffed in them along with similar gauntlets on his wrists. Hanging from his neck there is a small necklace, about 3 inches long. It is carved into a totem shape with feathers and fur tied to it in random places.


Belmor is from the woods just to the East of Pawart. A haunted area to most, Belmor calls these woods his home. His tribe of the Wood Fangs used to live with other Dwarves near the mountains of the North until disagreements caused the tribe to split from the rest. While just a short 100 years have gone by since the tribe began, they already have a legend of their own.

The legend goes that once every century or so, a set of twins would be born with the mark of the Wood Fangs on their bodies. This scar would serve as proof that these children would become the leaders of their tribe. Belmor and his brother Rafaam began this legend with their own birthmarks proving their strength.

The two grew up doing everything together. While Rafaam shined with his ability to lead, Belmor showed much promise in his combat and compassion. However, the difference between the two left Belmor lacking a sense of purpose. He sought to go out and see the world while looking for a woman he could call his wife to bring back to his tribe.

While not his true home, Belmor also saught to defend the West. It had been abandoned by Kynn, and that left Belmor with a taste of disdain. While he was never one to trust a stranger, he shows even less faith in those of the East, especially those in positions of power. He sees them as traitors to the land he calls home, and he refuses to let them bring more harm to it.

Belmor of the Wood Fangs

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