Legends of Kynn

Game 29: The Hunt for Kilth

Game 29 represents the last chapter of Book 2, as game 30 is the intro into Book 3 of Legends of Kynn

After the chaos with J’zallshrakk in the Abyss, the PC returned with the 13 slaves in his domain. No attuned to interplanar travel, their bodies began to have severe negative reactions to the plane-shifting. Luck managed to stabilize 4 of the them, but they were brought to the medical room for intensive care as they began to experience brain hemorrhages.

After that, Olsen informed Luck, Jax and Morith that they had a visiter. They all met in Olsen’s office, to find that Legate Sven was there. A top-ranking Legate, who is a part of Grawz’s inner-circle, Sven had a request for the PC. After learning that they had destroyed a goblin war ship, as well as their previous encounters with goblins in Kynn, Sven decided they’d make good candidates for a special request.

Kilth is a hard person to get a hold of, and all representatives sent have been uninvited and never returned. Sven requested that the PC go to Kilth and find a solution, whether it be through the tongue or the sword.

After very carefully sneaking through the goblin territory, the PC stumbled upon a cave that very well could be Kilth’s Layer…one one of them. A very not-carefully laid out plan managed to get them in the cave entrance with out being noticed, despite causing hella commotion.

Once in the cave, they took the lift down about 5 miles, there they found a lot of ash as the tunnel opened up into a small rock bridge over lava, 1000ft long. Once past that, the PC found a few Westoros suits of armor surrounded by ash that came from a magical source.

Finally the PC found their way in past a huge metal door, similar to that of a bank vault. Once inside they found a circular room , witha 30 foot high ceiling and 12 huge pockets of space in the walls, 20 feet up that were spaced like a clock. As Morith walked in, lights and markings began to flicker from a magical source. A low voice echoed from all around, “The grotesque mortals enter”

Game 28: The 10th layer of the Abyss

After returning with the power crystals, the PC were able, with Master Drik’s help, to get the inter-planar portal to work again. But first, the PC had to face their trial of strength and fortitude that would prep their bodies properly for inter-planar travel. The PC easily dispatched of the two Stone Giants that awaited them. They also recovered the First Page of Kyros’s Journal.

With the First Page of Kyros’s Journal and with the ability to safely travel in between planes, Master Olsen informed the PC that a shard is being kept in the Abyss.

Once in the Abyss, the PC saw the uncertainty and the oddity that is the abyss with it’s pitch black sky, laced with purple and blue streaks, black sand and black, boiling rivers, not to mention the monstrosities that inhabit this area. The PC found a metal box with a drawbridge. Once they got across they met J’Zallshraak, a demonic minotaur with malnourished slaves that sort out copper pieces all day.

J’Zallshraak agreed to trade the shard for 3 slaves. When the PC returned with three slaves, J’Zallshraak demanded more. This initiated combat. After the PC wound up victorious, they freed the slave as the 10th layer of the Abyss began to decay.

The PC made it out and rescued 13 slaves who are all now unconscious in Helm’s Temple as blood begins to leak from their eyes and ears

Game 27: Ramifications

After some 30 days off from their quest the Party took some time to deal with personal matters and tasks.

Morith trained with Belmor and received some magical items.
Belmor since then departed for Crosslands
Jax made himself a familiar and located 3 teleportation circles
Luck learned spirit guardians as a spell

In that 30 days since the sinking of the goblin warship, the relationship which has been traditionally held on a delicate balance has began to teeter. Emotions have grown fierce as the two sides prepare for war which seems more imminent every new dawn. The Legion has grown furious since learning that someone sparked this conflict.

Back at Helm’s Temple, the PC heard a large boom from upstairs to find that the portal has shorted out as Drik sits on the ground with ash all over himself, clearly rocked from the explosion. He asked the PC to retrieve some power crystals to repower the portal.

In Mal-Kemen, the PC ran into Judge Miles, in his fashionable lavender suit as he helped the PC out a little bit in helping them find the Cloaks, a underground group that has access to power crystals. The PC made it to their base of operation and found their Leader, Kase and Brnk, their old friend.

The PC traded their work for power crystals upon return for their job. Their task was to clear out an old mine so the Cloaks can scour it for any unmined crystals with their driller. We ended with the PC exiting the mine after defeating 4 umberhulks in the deep part of the mine.

Game 24: The Hunt for the Second Shard
When following a river, always take the fork that has no running water

The PC were directed by Master Olsen that the presence of a shard existed down south of Helm’s Temple below the mountain range that houses large predatory birds. The PC could go around the mountains into the goblin infested waters but that would also be a problem. Going around the long way could prove to be a challenge too, so they were advised to check the local towns and ask around for help.

The PC went to Dragonpass and talked to Judge Brugrar, who insisted they called him Grar. He is the bartender of Two Mountain’s Tavern and he is the Judge of the town, which holds the same duties as a noble would in Kynn. Grar told the PC the legend of Dragonpass and how it got its name. While here Jax also got his traveler’s brand, so the whole party is now here legally and is on file with Westoros’s System.

The PC set off to go around the mountains, through the river to the otherside so that they could then go down to the cave, about a 4-7 day journey if everything went well. The first night they saw the fluttering of the glowing moths gathering in the distance and they were attacked by boney boys in the middle of the night, but they were handled easily.

The PC came up to the river where it meets the mountain and discovered that it goes under the mountain, after a lot of figuring out and problem solving, the PC got down through the river until it came to a fork, they took the way that the water was not flowing towards and ended up back in the underdark territory where the drow people reside.

The PC stealthily made their way into the drow castle and snuck around with good rolls and smart ideas until they came upon a portal room at the end of a very long hallway. When they approached the portal it shut off and the a drow with a circlet made of dark metal dropped from the ceiling with swords drawn

Game 23: To the West!
Helm's Temple

The PC were met at Eldderest by a paper ladybug that was sent by Helm’s Temple to take the PC back. When they arrived at the Temple overlooking the Goblin Sea, perched delicately on a cliff, they were met by a man in a clean white robe with red markings. He introduced himself as Master Olsen, one of the two leaders at Helm’s Temple. He offered them help in their quest, as he does with many noble adventurers and knowledge seekers alike, but first they must undergo a trial of wits, decision making and knowledge.

The PC passed the trial, at won their way into the Temple as initiates. They then had one more trial ahead of them, as adventurers, they had to undergo a trial of force and courage through the planar portal, to which they had not done.

The PC instead took off for Everrose, for some reason. Along the way they were stopped by some guards for wrongfully entering Galekin Lake without permission. The guards noticed that the PC had not yet been branded as visitors or citizens so they were taken to get that done for a 100gp fee per person. The PC refused to do this, so they were frustratedly escorted back to Helm’s Temple.

Game 21/22 The Arena Finale
Belmor does the thing!!!

The PC had their last fight, with minimal resources left at their disposal, against an unknown cultist and his constructs. As the final fight began, the cultist spellcaster revealed himself as a young kid, around 17-20 years old, with adept knowledge in ice/cold natured magic. the Spellcaster’s constructs proved to be a challenge too with a multitude of abilities of their own, some of which may still yet to be discovered?!?? D:

Battle procceded for many rounds and ended when Jax and Jimmy II the goat, collectively took down the last construct as Belmor and Luck laid unconscious from battle. As their winning prize the Group took a treasure map, of which they know no information about, especially because the map is still developing.

The PC eventually came back to Kynn after their short spell in Salatar, mainly Flaghold and the Arena. Once in Kynn, the PC set off to Cliffshell for some errands:

Luck: went to the woods, found a dope flower, possibly diddled (unconfirmed)

Jax: spent time making clothes/cloth with the Crosslands Symbol he has prepared and he bought a sealer (stamp) with a pretty accurate but not perfect match to the symbol he created

Belmor: Spent the day and evening with Raine. She was very happy to see him and the two talked for a few hourse before she invited him over for dinner that night.

…Memes happened…

Belmor and Raine, by themselves, enjoyed a nice stew dinner that Raine prepared. After dinner the two sat close, talking softly as the night drifted on. Belmor asked her is she’d be interested in moving to Crosslands, to which Raine was on the fence about but leaning towards yes. It was after that,Belmor gathered the strength and courage to ask Raine to marry him… She said yes!

…memes happened…

The Party is set off to Elderrest with Luck 2 days ahead of the party in eagle form

Game 20: The Arena (Part 1)

The PC were summoned for an immediate audience with King Eric, along with Natalie and Dovrik. The 5 of them hurried over to Eldderest in 2 days, however, when they arrived, the main gate was closed and all seemed quiet. When the two guards saw the group at the entrance, they sounded off their horns, which lead to fireworks and confetti and a roar of cheers to all occur simultaneously.

The Gates opened. The crowds lined up all along the main road to the Castle. People were throwing confetti and shooting off hand fireworks. Throughout the city, food stands were pumping out orders, people were playing music and the Church Bells were going off nonstop. It was a party, to say the least.

When the group made it up to the Castle, there was a huge feast prepared for them. King Eric made his way to the PC shortly after they were all seated to join them in the feast. When asked, he told them this is all a party to celebrate the PC for everything the’ve done, especially with the Cage-Bearer. To commemorate such a heroic deed, and to serve as a token of appreciation, King Eric gave them all a “Hero’s Medallion”, one of the highest honors an individual in Kynn can receive.

After enjoying the festival for2 days the PC set off to Fayport to find Captain Madison, in efforts to reach Salatar.

When the PC made it to Salatar, they found only a single sad city by the name of Flaghold that sat quietly on the North Sea’s Edge on the Icy Plane. Flaghold is a town populated mostly by Dragonbron, from the mountains and dwarves, who stayed behind during the migration periods in the earlier Eras.

In Flaghold, the PC found a small tavern, “The Dragon’s Breath”, run by a blue dragonborn named Veri, who did not taking much liking to Jax after some snide comments about dragonborns and the Flaghold, which lead to him getting kicked out of the tavern. Veri did take a liking to Belmor who provided entertainment for the night and Luck who provided additional entertainment by turning into different animals.

The PC arrived at the Arena only to find it a shell of it’s former self, until they pressed a button in front of the main entrance. In a single, instant flash, the PC were in a new, different place that may or may not belong to the material plane. The Arena now stood tall, proud and decorated. The main gates opened and the PC entered to find it filled with contestants and fans alike of all sorts of different races.

The PC entered the Arena, in an attempt to beat all 6 challenges that stand before them and the grand prize, which is currently unknown. They first beat the Bugbear buddies, followed by the Dino Dudes and lastly the Chain Gang.

Their next challenge is The Shae Til Stormers, a high profile guard squad from Westoros.
But as they walk out, the PC notice something unsettling, above the opponents side of the Arena, in the front row, is Nak, sitting and intently observing as one of his scribes next to him diligently takes notes.

Game 19.5: Dur-Huun Again

While Luck doots around in his garden, Dovrik comes down to Crosslands, asking the PC to run a recon and recovery mission at Dur Huun. Specifically, he wants them to recover some shipments that are being brought in, and if possible to kill as many of the goblins as they can, as additional assistance to the war effort.

Along the way there (Just Jax and Belmor), the PC stumble upon a half-dragon named Jurgen. Jurgen helped the PC out and proved quite useful in combat. When the PC got up to Dur Huun, they witnessed a ritual where a cultist tethered a Shal-Dek"s soul to his corpse to create a “macroscian” (Shadow monster). The shadown monster took down a few goblins as it closed in on the PC, turning the goblin corpses into shadows under its control. As the battle raged on, Jurgen fought the smaller shadows, while Jax and Belmor fought the macroscian. Both PC daringly entered the mass of shadows and braved the harsh necrotic and strength draining conditions of that environment to disrupt the tether between the shadow and Shal-Dek, killing the macroscian.

This left the shipments. Jurgen wnted one or two forhimself, while Jax and Belmor wanted all of them for the Ryze, but they agreed to give him a crate for himself, to which Jurgen agreed.

On the way back, they talked and felt out Jurgen, who presented himself as nice and fairly trustworthy, so far. The PC eventually invited him to join the Guidhall in Crosslands, to which Jurgen agreed, but not at the moment, as he needed to go home and pack and do other maintenance work.

The PC arrived in Pawart, took their payment and went home to Crosslands, where Nathan showed up OH SHIT. Many Nathan’s were purchased, too many tbh, but laughs were had, which is always required when Nathan’s around. The joking and partying went of for a few days, until someone knocked on the door.

When the door opened, Natalie and Dovrik were outside decked out in highly detailed and very sturdy, and fancy looking armor. Both were sitting on tall, well groomed horses. Natalie whipped out a note from King Eric and told the PC: “Eric wants all five of us in Eldderest, immediately. It sounds incredibly important. Get ready, we’re leaving in 15 minutes”

Game 19: The Cage-Bearer Colossus

After meeting in Fayport after some sidequest fun, the Party decided that today, was the day to finally kill the Cage-Bearer.

When they got about 2 miles outside of Lakevale, a light purple haze shrouded the area. Lakevale usually has some fog, due to its location, but the density and the color were new and unnatural. The people of Lakevale, oblivious as usual, failed to write it off as anything to be concerned about. The PC ushered everyone out of town, and it was just them and the Cage-Bearer, still perfectly frozen, not a drop of melt, even after 2-3 months of being stuck in the ice. When the PC blasted magical fire at the Cage-Bearer’s ankles and melted the magical ice around it, two cultists came from the mist on either side of the Cage-Bearer and prepared for battle. As that happened, a large, daunting pair of eyes, with deep purple/black iris’s looked down in silence on what was about to take place. It was then that the Cage-Bearer began to melt the ice around itself as steam erupted from its body.

The Battle between the Belmor, Luck and Jax/ the cultists and Cage-Bearer raged on for a good while. It was undoubtedly the most epic fight these PC have had so far. With Belmor and Luck downed and dying, Jax, with minimal life-force remaining used the last of his abilities to do just enough damage to the Cage-Bearer, defeating it as the Colossus fell to its knees and dissolved into a massive pile of ash. All that was left was a city, destroyed again by the Cage-Bearer and the PC’s as they regained consciousness and took a breather.

When the citizens came back and saw the destruction that was laid out before them, they were upset and angry that they had to rebuild everything, again, for the second time in 2-3 months. This quite town that has no travelers, no real trade, and just lives by the same routine day after day, had to start all over, again.

Angered, by the unappreciative nature of the people from Lakevale. Belmor stormed out. He was upset that the people failed to realize that the Cage-Bearer, even while frozen and dormant for all this time still posed a threat, even though there were no signs of activity or thawing. As he left, Jax chased after him, while Luck stayed and helped the people rebuild.

The Cage-Bearer was pronounced dead at 10:22p.m. 02/02/17

Game 18.5: Clark the missing Guard

Luck and Belmor split off from the main questline when they saw a noticeboard asking for detectives/heroes to find a missing person in Pinemoor.

When they traveled to Pinemoor, the found a young lady named Cindy who owned the local Fletcher’s shop. She put up the notice because her brother, Clark, a local guard went missing a few weeks ago when he went to Cliffshell for some training. This happened to be the same guard that Luck propped up with the gnome in Cliffshell on that particular night of antics.

The PC tracked Clark down into a cave/hideaway of lizardfolk/dragonkind. After a while of combat, the PC killed the young copper dragon and his lizardfolk minions that lived in the hideaway and they retrieved an unconscious Clark. Not doing well, on the way back, the PC used a health pot to heal Clark up back into consciousness.

It was then that after retracing the little bits on info that he had, Clark realized that Luck looked familiar but he could not connect him to that night of antics. When they returned to Cindy, things got heated between Luck and Belmor as they fought over something small and insignificant. Cindy stepped in and Luck BACKHANDED her…to death. The strike was so hard, it killed her. Like for real.

In this moment I laughed harder than at any point playing dnd that I can remember

So the local guards stepped in and took the two away to be locked up for questioning. From there it was found that Luck was guilty and he was sentenced to 3 years or a 500gp bail. After a while, Luck escaped prison through some crafty means and got all of his stuff back too.

He did, however, pay off a 600gp pardon to Kynn to pay for his wrongdoings and will not be looked upon as a criminal, but he still may be looked down upon by some guards.


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